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Miyu’s Drawing Time


I woke up this morning with excruciating pain in my wrists (more so my left), so I had to call in sick to work because there was no way I could drive. Certain movements of my fingers triggers the pain, as well as certain rotations/positions of the wrist. It feels like I sprained both of my wrists somehow. So I ate breakfast and took two Tylenol caplets (1,300mg) and hours later… what do you know, it didn’t even make a dent. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Apparently they want to see me again since it’s been a year (since I went there regarding arthritis issues). I’m planning to get a referral to a Japanese hospital that my insurance recognizes.

I’ve been tired all day. I just have this overwhelming sense of fatigue. I took a three hour nap but I’m still tired. I’m going to eat dinner and this time I’m taking Motrin because it did help when I took it a few days ago.

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Math Homework Reward


I suck at math but here I am, on a Sunday night, doing homework for the one and only math requirement on my degree plan. I couldn’t even write earlier because of my busted finger, but I made it work. My reward for completing my math homework tonight? One of Miyu’s mini chocolate cupcakes. I thought the photo was funny because my hamburger mug actually has hot green tea in it, but it just looks so bad. And it’s right next to my newly acquired Motrin, which I’ll probably need again tomorrow after I have this cupcake. Sigh.

It’s a Japanese holiday tomorrow so I took leave since Miyu’s daycare isn’t open on national holidays. I’m planning to work on my other two classes tomorrow…and possibly play some Luigi’s Mansion 3 with Ken and Miyu. 🙂

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Angel Wings Bowl


We stopped by Anahita Stones yesterday. I picked up a few things and I was immediately drawn to this guy. It was the last one and I’m so glad I picked it up. I now have three cleansing bowls for my crystals and I’ll use this one as a final “clearing” stage. Apparently the lapiz lazuli wards off dark energy. I didn’t realize you can use different kinds of stones for cleansing. I always just thought that Quartz and Selenite were the only cleansing stones.


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End of the month weigh-in: October


This month’s weight loss = 2.7 lbs

Total weight loss overall = 14.4 lbs

Welp, I guess it’s better than gaining weight. I’m just glad that I’m going forward and not backward. I felt like a total slacker these past two months. I haven’t really been doing keto. I think the only thing that is helping to maintain my weight is portion control. Once I feel full, I immediately stop eating. I still haven’t been doing any physical exercises at home and I’m partially blaming my arthritis for that. For the month of November, I’m going to try to at least form a habit of stretching. I really want to work on my belly issue but I guess that’s not going to happen if I can’t even commit to a simple habit of stretching. So that will be my first goal.

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Super Bad Flare-up

Friday night, after I worked on my glacier pothos painting, I noticed that my arthritis was becoming noticeably worse by the hour. The weather was pretty bad and we live on the 9th floor so I’m sure the already declining barometric pressure was the cause of my sudden flare-up. (I recently installed barometric pressure apps on my phone and iPad Pro. I look at them every night and morning now.)

Pretty much all of my joints were hurting. The worst ones were my wrists and knees, followed closely by my ankles. My joints just felt so rickety and creaky and painful. It was so bad that even my ears popped. So because I was miserable the whole weekend (I avoided taking painkillers), I decided to order three pairs of compression gloves from Amazon Japan. I ordered Sunday and just got them all in the mail this evening. I tried them on and I absolutely love’em. Obviously this is not going to cure my arthritis, but I know it’s going to help. Even just a little bit. And that’s enough for me.


1. Compression Arthritis Gloves (pictured); 2. Dr. Arthritis Copper-infused Compression Gloves #1; 3. Dr. Arthritis Compression Gloves #2. I got them all in size Small and they fit great. I got three so I can rotate two for work, and wear one for sleeping.