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Christmas came and went.


It has been over a month since I last blogged and I feel so disoriented. The previous school term was the most stressful I’ve ever had. It finally ended on December 15, but I’m still decompressing. I was taking the one math requirement for my degree plan along with two other major courses and I was under so much stress that I contemplated giving up many times. I’m happy to report, however, that I passed all three classes.

Last Saturday I upgraded my phone and finally went back to Apple after roughly five years of having an Android, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/Note 8. I decided to go with an iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green. I like that it’s much more comfortable to hold in my hand compared to the Pro Max.

Ken, Miyu, and I have all gotten sick and Miyu is on her 2nd round of sickness now. Luckily she doesn’t have the flu, but it’s a pretty bad cold.

The kitchen is a mess from all the gingerbread house/cookie making. I need to tend to that and then work on getting the house in order in general, but it’s good to be back.





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A Peaceful Dinner


If only all dinners were like this. I was very productive yesterday having done two (smallish) loads of laundry. I finally washed our lounge sweaters, so I’m happy about that. I guess I exerted myself too much yesterday because now my upper right arm hurts and I can’t lift it without feeling pain. It’s not so bad that I need to take Motrin, though. I still need to fold a lot of laundry, but I think I’m going to hold off on that. I’m hoping to put us both to bed by 9:30 tonight.

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Maddie’s New Playhouse

We recently got another Amazon shipment in today. I ordered a few things, including two new litter boxes for Maddiebear. I got tired of her chewing on her pee mats so I thought well…she already knows what to do with the litter box, hopefully she’ll pee and poo in there? *Crossing fingers*

Anyway, Ken was showing me this rabbit video on YouTube when I saw how people were creating their rabbit’s play area using cardboard. So, using the new box we got, I asked Ken to cut some doors in it and voila! Tomorrow Miyu and I will create a roof for Maddie’s new playhouse. 🙂


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Carrot Bubble

Went to the mall today and as I was looking for earrings, I stumbled upon this super cute bubbles pack in the shape of a carrot! Well…of course I had to get it. 🙂


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I want to be a ninja, she says.

Today was a busy day. I had to wake up a little bit earlier than usual in the morning so that I could make Miyu her onigiri (rice ball) to complete her obento (lunch box) since her class went on a field trip to the zoo. My mother-in-law cooked the major parts of her obento, thank God, because I did not have the time or energy to make it myself.

Work was stressful because our building was doing its annual carpet cleaning so I had a lot of anxiety with all the clutter and junk that accumulated in my office over the years. I had to get all the little movable things off the floor, but luckily I had help from my coworker friend and he actually did all the heavy lifting. We threw a lot of old stuff away and it felt good to get rid of junk!

I ordered a few things from Amazon the other night. One of the items was a new apron for Miyu for her cooking lessons at school. She had outgrown the one we bought her nearly two years ago now, understandably. I also got a small bathroom clock for our shower area (on top of the vanity) because I always find myself needing to check the time each night when we shower. I feel like a lot of my anxiety is centered around time. I hate that I always find myself rushing each night and each morning. Like water through my fingers, I just keep losing track of time. Nevertheless, I need to find a way to break this awful, anxiety-inducing cycle. Friday nights (or any other non-work night) are my anxiety relief days because I don’t have to worry about the time. Go figure.

I also bought Moringa tea. In the Philippines, my family eats Moringa leaves regularly (made into a stew). In Bisaya, it’s called “Utan.” Well apparently, it’s supposedly very healthy, especially when consumed regularly in the super concentrated powder form, which I also bought. I watched a YouTube video claiming that this miracle powder completely reversed their arthritis. So we’ll see about that.

And then lastly, inspired by her Yoshi’s Crafted World game on the Switch, Miyu has dubbed the Amazon cardboard box we received this evening her new “adventure car.” 🙂