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Sad Face Band-aid

My head is pounding and I have to wake up for work in about six and a half hours but if I don’t purge today’s activities through writing, I feel like implosion will be imminent. So I must. I had my doctor’s appointment today regarding… Read More

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Super Bad Flare-up

Friday night, after I worked on my glacier pothos painting, I noticed that my arthritis was becoming noticeably worse by the hour. The weather was pretty bad and we live on the 9th floor so I’m sure the already declining barometric pressure was the cause… Read More

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Wrist Pain

It’s 3am and I’m here blogging because I couldn’t sleep with the pain in my right wrist. I can hear Ken snoring from our bedroom. Otherwise, it’s so quiet I can hear the clock ticking on the wall and the soft hum of the air… Read More