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Weekday Mornings

My weekday mornings usually look like this. I wake Miyu up at around 0630, she shuffles groggily over to the living room, and plops unceremoniously onto the couch, just like so. I make her breakfast, which is typically toaster pizza squares or sausage, egg whites,… Read More

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New Blog Home!

After much debate, I decided to move my blog permanently to I also decided to use a new alias because for some reason, I’m unable to recover my account. Oh well. For years, I have been battling with my own installation of WordPress… Read More

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Lip balm quest

For the longest time, I’ve been searching for lip products that don’t irritate my lips (peeling issues mainly). The only moisturizing products that I can safely put on my lips is Aquaphor and Vaseline. But I mean, I like to have color on my lips… Read More

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Birthday Weekend

At first, Ken wanted to get me the $400+ hairdryer from Dyson. I really wanted it, too, but just thought the price point was ridiculous. So at the last minute, I opted for buying a less expensive hair dryer and asked for a Nintendo Switch.… Read More